Japan OG is a Japanese streetwear brand based in suburban Osaka. Our goal is to replicate the unique atmosphere of the late Showa and early Heisei eras of Japan within high quality artwork for you to wear.

Founded by an Australian country boy, who moved to Japan after completing University, and fell in love with the urban decay of city life, and the dichotomy between that and the extreme decadence of bubble-era Japan, Japan OG is from and of Japan, but for the world.

The 1980s and early 1990s in Japan was an economic bubble, and that is deeply reflected in the the style of the time. The anime industry had a boom, and the simple character style of the time has become a symbol of the industry’s early days. Striking advertising for beer, tobacco and luxurious, boxy cars were spread across the billboards of Tokyo.

That’s the atmosphere we hope to capture. All our designs come from talented artists, mainly from Japan, Singapore and Indonesia. We want to bring their art to life on high-quality, comfortable clothing that ships worldwide.

Now you can tell the story of Bubble-era Japan with Japan OG. The wealth, the urban grime, the sports cars, the pop culture - if you love old-school Japan, you'll love the shirts and hoodies at Japan OG. Show your friends what you're into, wear the latest in cutting-edge streetwear from Osaka in your neighbourhood, stand out and be seen and tell your story!

We offer free shipping to the US, $5 flat rate to the UK and Canada, and just $7.50 to the rest of the world.

Have a look around, you might find something you love.