Welcome to Japan OG

Japan OG is a Japanese streetwear brand based in suburban Osaka. Founded by an Australian, who's been living in Osaka since he finished University, Japan OG was founded with the goal to bring Osaka street fashion with the flavour of bubble-era Japan to the world.

Now you can tell the story of Bubble-era Japan with Japan OG. The wealth, the urban grime, the sports cars, the pop culture - if you love old-school Japan, you'll love the shirts and hoodies at Japan OG. Show your friends what you're into, wear the latest in Japanese streetwear in your neighbourhood, stand out and be seen and tell your story!

We offer free shipping to the United States, $5 flat rate to the UK and Canada, and just $7.50 to the rest of the world.
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The reviews are in!

Love it so much!

"I love the vintage manga shirt I bought! Thanks again."

Emilia S., Australia

Great hoodie! So warm!

"The Summer Dreams hoodie I got is so cute and so warm. I'm going to wear it all winter!"

Daiyu L., Australia

Gonna wear this in my r34.

"Gonna drift in my drift shirt. Thanks guys."

Kit W., United States

Recommending this store to my club.

"I'm in an anime club at my University and all my friends loved the Asahi hoodie. I told them where I got it so they'll be ordering soon too."

Victoria C., Frankfurt

Quick service and great response.

"Thank you so much for getting back to me with my sizing questions so quickly. It fits perfect."

Marco E., Italy

Planning my next haul already.

"I only ordered one shirt this time, but I think next time I'm going to order a lot more. This one looks great, the design is printed so well, and it's super comfy too."

Adelia C., United Kingdom